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Move your business to the Cloud

Moving to the cloud has several business benefits, including; reduced costs, greater efficiency, improved working practises and enhanced data security. Although. Our experienced team help clients every step of the way. We carry out a full impact assessment and create a plan to help you through the change. Consequently, we make it hassle-free and without disruption to your business. We design and implement the best combination of traditional and hybrid cloud solutions designed to meet your business objectives and deliver maximum benefits.

Infrastructure, software and applications always on demand

Our Cloud solutions are secure and infinitely scalable, both up and down. You have full visibility and control of costs. You pay only for usage, without the need to buy expensive IT hardware. Consequently, we set your business free from CAPEX expenditure.

Your staff have full access to files, data. email and the software applications they use the most.  There is no downtime, no compromise and your team can operate from any location, around the clock – 24/7.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Your data is safe and protected by some of the most robust cyber security available. In addition, our Cloud solutions remove the need for you to undertake any systems and data backups, that’s all taken care of. This means  your business has strong and robust protection from cyber attack. Furthermore, if there is a security breach or a disaster your business remains fully operational, without the loss of data.

Our Managed Services


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service (Paas)

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Hybrid cloud

Microsoft Azure

Amazon – AWS

Office 365

Cloud Solutions

Every client is allocated a named relationship manager who on a regular basis takes time to understand your business and advises you on the best solutions to meet your business objectives.

It is why our clients trust us


Existing Client
“It is refreshing for an IT support company to be proactive in getting things right to avoid issues rather than just being reactive to sort out crisis”
Existing ClientManufacturing
Existing customer
“Proved to be flexible & reliable providing varied solutions to meet our business needs, no matter how small or large.”
Existing customerFashion
Existing Client
“I would not hesitate in recommending them to provide quick, efficient and cost effective I.T. solutions and support for any business.”
Existing ClientFinancial Services
Existing client
“We have streamlined all our business systems, software & hardware procurement and a full disaster recovery package.”
Existing clientLeisure industry

The benefits of moving to the Cloud

Moving your business to the Cloud can be transformational to businesses large and small. The benefits include:


Reduced IT costs

Costs can be substantially reduced. The need to buy expensive IT hardware is removed. Businesses pay based on usage only. This puts your business in full control of costs and creates an OPEX model, with no CAPEX exposure.

Systems upgrades, new hardware and software updates can also be included within the costs.

Business Efficiencies

The Cloud enables your staff to work any time, from any place whether that’s from the office, at home or overseas. It also enables your staff to collaborate and share information move efficiently.

Performance and agility

Your business benefits from utilising the latest versions of software.

Security and compliance

Your data is safe. it is protected by some of the most robust cyber security available.